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Packaging technology Wrap around packers
Packaging technology Wrap around packers

Wrap-Around-Packer - Series 61 and 62

Individual and well-priced packaging solutions

  • Wrap-Around-Cases according to FEFCO 0406
  • Machine suitable to handle both wrap-around-cases and trays
  • Individual grouping systems: stacker and de-stacker, tilting stackers, star wheels, race tracks and two trains, indexing chains, lane dividers and more
  • Individual packer modules: pusher, dragger, pick-and-place
  • For handling a variety of different corrugated boards
  • Small up to large case sizes
  • Largely motorized operation
  • Automated changeover (option)
Side loader - bedo packaging machines


bedo Wrap-Around Packers create compact and stable cases while wrapping the case tightly around the product. The machine is capable of handling standard wrap-around blanks according to FEFCO 0406 as well as special designs with shortened flaps, windows, easy-open designs etc.

bedo Wrap-Around Packers come with wide format ranges, thus offering the highest versatility to react to a market’s requirements for new case counts and case sizes.

A broad range of product infeed, accumulation and grouping devices is available to handle products from both food and non-food industries – for instance bags, boxes, jars, bottles, blisters, flowpacks, tubs, cans etc.

Outstanding accessibility and clear design result in simple and repeatable change overs, easy preventive maintenance and thus guarantee both maximum productivity and outstanding availability.

Let us know, if you require further information about our versatile and reliable Wrap-Around Packers. Ring us on +49 451 81 01 -0.